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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Are your employees experiencing the summer slump? Whether you work at a small and local business, or you have a larger corporation, no business is immune to the summer slump. During this time of year, the weather is gorgeous, vacations are going on, and everyone wants to spend time with their friends and family. While this is an enjoyable time of the year, sometimes, all of these great things to look forward to can leave your employees feeling distracted or lazy at work. If you’re looking to boost your team’s employee morale during the summer, here are our top tips!

Work Outside

Your team may be spending some time looking outdoors at the beautiful weather. If they are having the summer blues and wishing they were outdoors, consider letting them work outside if you are fortunate enough to have space for that at your place of work. You could even grab some indoor/outdoor furniture that your organization can use year round.

Host Lunch

Everyone loves a good meal. If you need ideas for boosting employee morale at your organization, consider treating them to lunch. You could order something to be delivered/picked up, or take it a step further and host a company barbecue on a weekend.

Team Building

Boosting employee morale can also be done by scheduling some sort of team building recreational activity. You could consider something high energy such as ziplining, arcading, or laser tag, or a more relaxed outing such as mini golf, a day trip, or even get the company together for a beach day!

Gift Card Rewards

If you’re looking to get more productivity out of your staff, you can set up bonus incentives, such as gift cards, for those who go above and beyond. Be sure to shop small and shop local though to give back to our community when selecting gift cards for your staff.

Actually, we’re huge supporters of shopping small and local, while we’re on the subject. To learn how Paradiso Insurance shops small and local, click the link below.