• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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National Grilling Month is a time to celebrate the unique and enjoyable aspects of cooking outside over an open fire. The same thing that makes grilled food taste amazing is also a potential hazard to your property and your guests. You should celebrate National Grilling Month with these tips for better safety.

Always Stabilize the Grill

The first safety tip is always to stabilize the grill. Make sure that the grill is not wobbling or unstable in any way. If you do notice that it is moving a little, then find ground that is more level or adjust the casters on the bottom. This is critical since the grill can become top-heavy once loaded with food. If the grill falls due to instability, then it could start a fire or injure guests.

Control the Fire at All Times

You need to control the fire at all times. Do not ignore constant flare-ups or other issues. Keep the fire low and manageable. Dripping a little water on coals can stop flare-ups fast. Flare-ups could also be caused by too much food leaking fat on the grill. Fix this by spreading out the food. You might also need to lower the temperature of the grill or raise the grill racks to stop problems with the fire.

Do Not Estimate Doneness

Do not estimate the doneness of the food you are grilling. You want to use an instant-read or meat thermometer on everything you cook. Know the proper temperatures for each item to kill any bacteria and germs inside. This is important since you could make many people very sick if you are just estimating when chicken or burgers are done cooking.

Never Use Your Hands on the Grill

A final tip is never to use your hands on the grill regardless of what you see in cooking shows. It is very dangerous to use your hands to move, flip or handle food on a hot grill. One slip could cause severe burns on your hand. You want to use long-handled tongs, forks and other utensils to handle food on the grill.