• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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 Not all policies are the same nor do they cover every possible thing you own.  There is however one very special policy that provides  that little extra coverage that can come in handy. Having CT umbrella insurance allows you to know that a curve ball in life doesn’t mean you strike out.

Umbrella insurance is coverage that protects and goes above and beyond your typical homeowners insurance or auto insurance policy.  For example, if you have an auto insurance policy with liability limits of $400,000 and a homeowners insurance policy with a limit of $275,000, then with a million dollar umbrella insurance policy, your limits become $1,400,000 on the auto liability claim and $1,275,000 on the homeowners liability claim.

The best part about an CT umbrella insurance is that it’s very inexpensive when you look at the amount of additional coverage you receive for what you pay. So what are you waiting for?  Give Paradiso Insurance a call today to set up a policy!