• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We all know that running a business can be a significant financial and personal sacrifice.  It costs a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to start a company and make it successful.  But one of the things that can really be a thorn in the side of all business owners is preventable injuries at the workplace that not only limit your workforce, but also end up costing A LOT of money.  That’s why having excellent CT workers comp is ESSENTIAL for any and all business owners, whether your firm is five days old, or fifty years old!

Recently, a study has illustrated just how much injuries at the workplace can cost.  In fact, the study provides the top ten most costly injuries that occur in the workplace, both in an office and at a work site.

1.Overexertion — $13.61 billion

2. Falling on same level(including slips, trips and falls) – $8.61 billion

3. Bodily reaction—$5.78 billion

4. Fall to lower level — $5.12 billion

5.Struck by Object — $4.10 billion

6.Struck Against Object — $2.11 billion

7.Repetitive Motion — $2.02 billion

8.Highway incident — $1.99 billion

9.Caught in/compressed by — $1.79 billion

10.Assault / violent act — $640 million

So as the list above suggests, some of these injuries and claims can occur in an air conditioned office just as much as at a construction site.  Correct training with the right safety precautions is what any business should practice, both for liability purposes and safety purposes!  This will greatly reduce, if not eliminate entirely, not only the number of injuries incurred, but the costs associated with them. So protect your employees, have solid  CT workers comp coverage, and give Paradiso Insurance a call any time with any question you may have!