• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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The next time you are at a stop light, take a look around. What do you see? We can guarantee that most drivers will be looking down and texting, on the phone or shuffling through their iPod. It is no secret that technology is the new driving distraction! While we love technology, it is the culprit of many car accidents on the road. As your reliable Connecticut insurance agency, we believe it is important to educate our clients on the danger of these devices. You may not only be involved in an accident, but your car insurance premium will suffer, as well!

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Here are the three common culprits:

#1: Smart phone. Texting, Words with Friends, Draw Something… all very fun to participate in, but not while driving! If you feel tempted, it is best to turn your phone off or put it out of sight.

#2: iPod. It may seem harmless to shuffle through in order to find your favorite song, but looking down for even a few seconds could end in disaster. Make sure you set a playlist before heading out!

#3: GPS device. Driving on an unfamiliar road is already stressful enough; the last thing you should be doing is looking down and fumbling with the GPS! If you need to recalculate your route, pull over to a safe area and do so.

These everyday devices are amazing, of course. However, using them at the wrong time can result in a horrible crash, a higher car insurance premium or worse, injury or fatality. Our Connecticut insurance agency encourages our clients to put down these devices while on the road. The last thing we want is for you to file a claim due to such carelessness!