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Picture of a Christmas decoration.

You can use holiday clean up as a time to show off your organizational skills or as a time to begin practicing the art of organization. Implementing some of the following suggestions can help you efficiently pack away holiday items and enjoy the bliss that you will feel when you have your home decor restored to its non-holiday, simplistic beauty.

Plan ahead!

Devise a plan before you start the clean up process. One plan that works well is to take a room-by-room approach. Packing away the towels, place-mats, holiday cookie jars, trays, dishes, glassware, and all other holiday theme items together in the same box will make things easier for you next year. Label the box and move on to the dining room, guest room, bathroom, and all other rooms that you have decorated.

Approach each room differently

Generally, there are more decorations in the living room or family room than in any other area of the house. Approach this room in an unhurried manner. Bring your packing supplies, such as boxes, a marker, bubble wrap, newspaper, and tape into the room. Pack away the items in a logically organized manner, with similar items being placed in the same box. As you near the end of your clean up, you may have a box that is filled with miscellaneous items, such as holiday theme movies, books, and other items you only use during the holidays. Be sure to attach a content label on the outside of this box. Packing away everything related to the holidays will free up storage space for the remainder of the year.

Donate, recycle, or throw away all of the holiday items that you no longer want or need. There’s no reason to keep broken items, outdated items, or decorations you simply don’t like well enough to display in your home.