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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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March marks the coming of spring, Easter, and employee spirit month. What is employee spirit month? It’s a great way to increase staff morale and provide a bit of fun in the workspace.

At Paradiso Insurance, we hold events like our Christmas potluck, birthday celebrations, and charity events. We’re a small team in a small town, and we all have a stronger connection to each other because of it.

Here is what our staff really enjoys about working here:


I love working at Paradiso Insurance because I love to help people, and I am supported by the greatest team in the world!


What I love about working here is that it’s a family environment. We all look out for each other and take care of each other no matter what happens.


Thanks to Paradiso Insurance, I have been able to move forward in life as a whole, I’ve learned a lot through Chris, and I’ve got to experience what it’s like to work in an office with a very supportive staff!


I love the atmosphere here, the amazing clients I get to meet, and the festivities during Flag Day!


I enjoy working at Paradiso Insurance because everyone makes you feel like family.


I love working at Paradiso because I feel that we truly are a team here.  We all work really well together.  

I also love the fact that our team is very American and Military proud here! With two of my kids serving, it means so much to me. We all wear  RED on Fridays, to Remember Everyone Deployed.


Paradiso Insurance is a very customer friendly place to work. I came here from a big corporation with very little personal connection to our customers. It’s very nice to be in an atmosphere that feels like a big family.


My favorite thing about working here is the positivity of everyone. Chris always seems to make me laugh in the mornings, and it’s a great way to start my day!


I love working here because of the great opportunities and great people I get to work with every day.


At Paradiso Insurance, I get to enjoy being part of a great team that is like family to me.


I like feeling like I’m a part of something bigger here, and love how actively involved our insurance agency is in giving back to our community.

Are you celebrating employee spirit month at your place of work? If so, share how you show your employee spirit in the comments below.

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