• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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153176941So yesterday we began a discussion on how some things that you may not notice can trigger or enhance allergy attacks.  For example, thunderstorms, stress, and fruit are all enablers for allergy victims, but we have found even more factors that can play a hand in these attacks which can unfortunately make a truly beautiful time of the year seem rather miserable for a few days.

Fortunately for me, I only need an allergy pill and a box of tissues, but I know some people that suffer significantly from allergies and have more than one type of medication that they have to incorporate their CT health insurance policy for.  Hopefully, that’s not you, but if it is, I hope you’re still reading! So without further delay, here are the remaining culprits in the case of the hidden allergy triggers!

Humidity- Ah, humid air.  While we crave it in the dryness of winter, and it can do wonders for your skin, it can produce some nasty allergy enhancers such as dust mites. If you’re feeling the sniffles frequently, try using a dehumidifier.

Ceiling fans- While these are great to cool off before it really gets hot in the summer, the ceiling fan could be significantly increasing the allergens in your home, because all it’s really doing is swirling the same air throughout your home.  A/C has filters that can ease your allergies, so try that out.

Spring cleaning- This is a pretty standard one that I know I fall victim too quite frequently.  All it takes is one swipe of a rag to knock the dust off your bookcase and let the sneezing commence! In fact, I can’t remember trying to clean my room without a few sneezes here and there!

Pets- Now obviously if you have a pet, then chances are you aren’t allergic to them, but you could very well be allergic to what they bring in from outside.  Allergens can easily make their way onto your pet’s fur and travel throughout your home, causing a sneezing frenzy.  So make sure you wash your pets often if they frequently go outside!