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Well it would you look at that… wake up this morning and a thin layer of snow has blanketed our beautiful little Connecticut town.  Whether you like it or not, it sure is a pretty sight to see, driving (slowly) down main street and seeing all the little shops, light posts, and church steeples covered with the placid layer of snow.

But with all the snow on the ground, we need to remember our safe driving tips that we all learned in driving school, and have helped out with our CT auto insurance, whether it was two years ago or thirty years ago.  More often than not, accidents occur pretty regularly around this time of year during the first snow fall because drivers forget about the winter driving techniques that we learned long ago.  For instance, keeping an extra couple yards between you and the car in front of you and breaking earlier than normal for stop lights and signs are just some of the many things that we need to remember during this time of the year.

The thing that you should most be on the look out for is not what you’re doing, but what the other drivers are doing.  I always remember my dad saying to drive safe, but more importantly, look out for the other drivers, because you cannot predict what the car in front of you or the one on the other side of the median will do.  Safe and cautious are what he always said, and we should all practice these driving tips, not only for our CT auto insurance rates, but for our safety and the safety of other as well!