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  • Post last modified:June 21, 2021
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You never thought the day would come. You’ve perfected your menu, amassed a nice following on social media, booked your first few locations and are ready to serve your tasty treats to the public. But what about insurance? Yup, here we are again popping in, making sure amid all the fun stuff, you have the not so exciting items like business insurance covered. But believe it or not, Food Truck Insurance is a highly critical piece of the puzzle.

Food Trucks Need Insurance Too 

Sure, coming up with fun names for the food on your menu and naming your truck is exciting. And picking out a custom paint job and tweeting out drool-worthy photos of your custom creations are important to your business plan, but so is the right insurance policy. 

Businesses that commonly need food truck insurance include:

  • Mobile food trucks
  • Lunch trucks
  • Catering trucks
  • Concession trucks
  • Vending trucks
  • Ice cream trucks

Running a food truck presents a whole grab bag of exposures, and that means securing more than one type of insurance policy to cover them. 

Image of a food truck with lots of customers making purchases.

Basic food truck coverage:

  • Commercial Auto: An essential coverage for food trucks and trailers. Adding physical damage coverage to your policy not only protects your vehicle but covers any permanently attached appliances and equipment. Think about all the money you had to spend getting your truck just right. Don’t risk it all by not covering it properly. 
  • General Liability: Protects your food truck business against financial liabilities that result from accidents for which you’re legally liable. This can include a customer becoming ill from contaminated food or being burned by hot food. Not only do you not want a mistake like serving hot food or food that may have set out injuring a customer and word getting out that you serve tainted tacos, but you don’t want to get sued for it either. And if you do, you want to be sure you have a commercial insurance policy in place that protects you. 

Other coverages you might need

Workers’ Compensation: Protects your employees who become injured or ill while at work. If you have employees, you probably need it.

Image of a food truck.

The Takeaway

We know food trucks are fun, and with the right business plan can be very successful. But we also know accidents happen, and we want you and your fledgling business to be protected. So whether you are expanding current operations to include mobile food service or starting a brand new business we want to help. 

At Paradiso Insurance, we understand your passion for and your personal connection to your business. We’re a local business, too! And we recognize that, despite people’s best intentions and regardless of how hard they try, things can go wrong and do go wrong. We want to help you live out your dream and help your business prosper by making sure you’re well protected for anything that might occur.

So give us a call. Stop by our office. Or use the quote request form to learn how we can help you protect what’s important to you. We’re eager to help your business grow and prosper because when you are successful, we’re successful!