Life Hacks: Getting Organized
  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Do you find yourself struggling with getting organized from time to time? Whether you have old receipts lying around, unmatched socks in your dresser, or small disasters starting to pile up, we want to provide you with tips that will definitely help you with getting organized today!

Organize your Car

To get your vehicle organized, you can try out this DIY no-sew pouch for storing items such as first-aid items, hand sanitizer, and other travel essentials. Additionally, you can keep your loose change in an empty gum container. Lastly, if you need a small garbage in your vehicle, try putting a grocery bag into an empty cereal box and keeping it in the back seat!

Organize your Kitchen

Our next tip with getting organized takes place in the kitchen. If you’re looking to get your cupboards organized, try using see through storage bins or baskets to make it easy and accessible to see what you have and what you need before shopping. You can also store your spices and seasonings in small tins or mason jars that are stackable for easy access and more efficient storage. Lastly, if you like to hold onto grocery bags for other uses, try using an empty tissue box to store them in to keep them organized too.

Organizing your Closet

If you have a closet with a lot of clothes in it, this next tip on getting organized is for you. To get your linens organized, try to use plastic containers from a dollar store so that you don’t have to wreck the rest of the closet just to find a clean towel. Additionally, when you fold your sheets, try to stash each pillow sheet inside the corresponding sheet set so they are together in storage.

Organize your Handbag

Alright, this tip on getting organized is more for our ladies out there too, but if you carry a man-bag, then this might be helpful as well. To organize your handbag, try to put bobby pins in a used Tic Tac container and wrap up your hair ties around the container itself. Next, keep all your gift cards and business cards in an empty mint tin, like an Altoids container. Lastly, if you carry things like your phone charger or headphones in your bag, you can use a binder clip to keep them from getting tangled up.

Getting the Kids Organized

If you are a parent and you’re looking for more tips on getting organized, check out our best tips on how you can get the kids organized too by clicking the banner below!


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