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Camping on mountainCamping is a way to get in touch with nature while having fun with family and friends. You can camp in an RV or a pop-up camper, or you can take a tent and sleeping bag to enjoy a wooded area.

Packing The Supplies
Before you go camping, it’s important to pack what you will need for the amount of time you will be on the trip. Try not to pack more than you need, especially if you will have to carry your gear from the car to the site. A sturdy backpack is ideal. Find one that has plenty of compartments for the smaller items you need, such as sunblock, water bottles and items that might easily get lost. Pack clothes that are lightweight and comfortable. You also need snacks that have a high amount of protein so that you have energy while walking as well as water bottles.

Decide where you want to sleep. If you want to be comfortable, then consider finding a camper that has a bed. A tent will keep out most of the bugs and give more of a natural feeling to your camping experience. An air mattress is an idea if you don’t want to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground. Make sure there is enough support to the bag so that you get enough rest at night. If it’s going to be cold, then you need something with insulation.

Sandwiches are good if you don’t know how to build a fire, but you will probably want something a little more substantial. Learn about how to make a fire, or get a small grill so that you can cook. You will also need a cooler for any meats that you have. There are camping stoves that you can get if you don’t want to use a grill. These are easy to use with a small tank of propane.