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School is right around the corner, and many of our parents out there are getting their kids ready to go back. If you haven’t taken the time to help your kids adjust back to the school season, now is a perfect time to check out our blog on Easing the Kids Back into School Routines. Although, for our parents out there who already have their kids prepped and ready to go back to school, you may be thinking now about how you can do your part as a parent. Part of getting the kids ready includes packing them a nutritious lunch that provides them the energy they need to get through the day. With that being said, we wanted to share some easy to make, healthy school lunche ideas that will be great for your kids all year long!  


Our first healthy school lunch idea is to pack a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat bread. Tuna fish sandwiches are easy to make, and pack a punch of protein as well. If you’d like, include thing such as baby carrots and low-fat ranch dip, and a fruit as well. You could also throw in some whole-grain goldfish crackers if your child is especially hungry.

Brunch for Lunch

Next up, we have another easy to make, yet healthy school lunch idea. This is more of a brunch for lunch, but at the heart of the lunch is two sliced hard boiled eggs with two mini whole-grain waffles. You can include some fruits and vegetables again, such as sliced bell pepper strips and some mixed kiwi and strawberries.

Cheese and Crackers

Our last healthy school lunch idea is a bit of finger food. This lunch includes some string cheese and wheat crackers at the base. Additionally, you can include fruits and vegetables again (we include fruits and vegetables in all of our lunches because the vitamins they have really pack a punch). This time around, you can choose to include something like raw broccoli and blueberries. And to keep this lunch exciting, include a slice of banana bread as well for your child to enjoy.

Remember, you can always mix up fruits and vegetables, and if you have a protein source that is low fat, then that makes for a well-rounded meal for your child. Looking for some healthy recipes for yourself as well? Check out some our favorite easy, healthy recipes by clicking the link below!


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