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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Do you like relaxing outdoors on a nice Saturday afternoon? What about firing up the grill late at night to enjoy a nice meal outdoors? Well, with the warmer weather here you finally can! Of course, if you have old, weathered patio furniture you may not be able to. So, why not give your family the comfort and style they deserve with the help of our partners at H & H Outdoor Accents?


If you’re a local resident of Stafford Springs you’ve probably seen a few lawn chairs or patio sets sitting outside on display at H & H Outdoor Accents, but they offer much more than that. In fact, you can find a variety of knick knacks, wall decor, and other unique home goods to fit your style here.

Bob Hanley, the owner of H & H sells everything for a very affordable price, too! Everything is also made in America and all of the furniture is handcrafted by Amish artisans.

patio-setPlus, for those who are environmentally conscience, all of H & H’s furniture is made from poly-lumber.

Poly-lumber, if you’re not familiar, is made out of recycled plastics (like old milk jugs) and crushed to form panels similar to wood. So, every time you recycle it might be turned into some amazing furniture at H & H.

Not only does this save on the cost of wood manufacturing, but your products end up being more durable than wood. Poly-lumber can handle the harsh elements year after year, and you don’t need to stain or prep it every season! The idea of plastic may scare you, but trust us on this one, the furniture doesn’t feel plasticy at all and is super sturdy.

H & H Outdoor Accents sells furniture such as chairs, seats, tables, benches, swings, rocking chairs, mounted tables, and even unique fish style tables.


Bob also gives his customers the option to have custom colors for their furniture sets too. So, if you find something you like, but aren’t a fan of the color he can customize it to fit your style!


Of course, outdoor furniture isn’t the only thing you’ll find at H & H Outdoor Accents, you’ll find a bunch of unique, rustic items for indoor and outside the home.

Like these recycled beer bottles turned into salt and pepper shakers.


There’s also a woman down in Florida who takes old soda tops and turns them into jewelry.


Plus, if you’re in need of some Americana decor, well H & H has plenty of patriotic wall hangings and outdoor decor to show your true colors.

flags   america   decor

H & H Outdoor Accents is located at 88 West Main Street, Stafford Springs, CT. They can be reached by phone at 860-707-6076 or by email at


So, give our partners a like on Facebook and visit their store while you’re in the area. Of course, if you can’t get there, visit their website for a list of custom products and pricing. By supporting small businesses like these you support our community and products being made here right in the USA. We’re proud to call H & H Outdoor Accents our partner in the Stafford Springs community!