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  • Post last modified:March 19, 2021
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Being a citizen of the world’s greatest country, we can proudly say that we honor, love and respect our country. However, giving the state of the world politics today, most people, belonging to different countries love theirs too. How do we then separate the greatest nation from the rest? Well, simply through the fact that while a few trivial differences may divide us, our spirit of patriotism burns deep in our hearts and is etched unto our very souls. As a nation, we realize and respect the sacrifices which our forefathers had to make to build this country from the ground up. We respect our country and our country respects us. We are America and America is us.

Therefore, each and everything associated to our country is ours to hold and to honor. This includes our flag as well. Besides being beautiful, our flag is what unites us and gives our nation a symbolic identity at the world stage. Given the countless sacrifices that we have laid down in the name of this flag, it is now up to us to honor it with necessary protocol at every turn.

Displaying the flag

While this might seem straightforward to many, there is a necessary protocol that one needs to follow whilst hoisting and displaying the American flag. First, unless you have an all-weather flag, it is imperative that you don’t display it in cold or wet weather conditions. Plus, at night time, the flag should be well-illuminated. When displaying the flag at your home, keep in mind to place the union at the top right corner of the wall or the staff.

Keep in mind that flying the flag at half-staff is a sign of national mourning. “This is done to mark the death of a government official, military member, or first responder; in honor of Memorial Day or other national day of remembrance; or following a national tragedy.” – US Govt.

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Folding the flag

Always keep the flag dry and while folding, make it into a triangle shape with the union visible. Additionally, never place it on the ground or let it touch anything beneath it.

Disposing the flag

If you have a damaged flag, or have the need to dispose one, never ever throw it directly in the trash. That is disrespectful. One should perform a retirement ceremony for this particular function. Don’t know how to perform the ceremony correctly? Well, no problem! Bring your flag to us at Paradiso insurance and we’ll take of that for you. You’ll leave with a brand new flag too.

At Paradiso Insurance, our brand is the American Flag. As flag day is right around the corner, we want to inform the American people about the American flag and the national anthem and the importance of honoring them in the right manner. This is why we perform this service free of cost, as a sign of respect to our great nation.

Bring your flags to us and let us remember once again the spirit that unites our great nation – our flag.

See you there!