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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s incredibly important to have a trusted partnership with your CT insurance agent.  They are the ones who can assist you during a disaster that could leave you with a steep homeowner’s claim or can assist you with a new life insurance policy.  Whatever the type of coverage may be, having a clear line of communication with your independent agent provides you with the confidence in knowing that you’re receiving the best coverage possible.

What is considered a major life change?

So in order to make sure you have the right coverage on your policy it’s important to communicate with your agent on any major life changes that have occurred during the time of your renewal. These changes could have a major impact on your insurance policy or policies. Now there are some easy updates that will only take a quick second to inform your agent of, such as a new cell phone number or email address.  But the big changes to your life are the ones that you really want to ensure that you inform your agent of.

These may include:

  • A job change: For example, if your new job requires you to log fewer miles on the road, then that could significantly alter your auto insurance
  • If you have recently gotten married or had children: These are obviously some big changes so such policies like homeowners insurance, life insurance, and umbrella insurance are all affected by the addition of new people to the policy.
  • Have you moved? This is kind of a given, but needs to be said: moving to a new house requires new insurance!
  • Just got a dog for the family?:  If it’s a breed that’s known to be overly aggressive, then it could have a significant impact on your home’s policy.
  • Home improvements made?  Usually, these will result in a safer or more sturdy home, thus making it less claim- likely.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ways in which life events could alter your coverage. For a complete list or if you are concerned that your policy is not up to date, give us a call at 860-684-5270 or leave us a message here. Our licensed insurance agents are here to help assist you in protecting what matters most.