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We always hear about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day… and it REALLY IS! But many of us neglect to harness the power of our breakfasts and how it can not only boost our energy level throughout the day, BUT ALSO lead to a better, more healthy lifestyle- which in turn could very well mean dropping some of those annoying lbs!

Most of us probably have a routine in the morning that we have been doing for quite some time, and a part of that routine is your breakfast.  For example, I’m a cereal guy- I love it, it’s quick, and it fills me up. And while I stick to healthier cereals (love me some Special K and Honey Bunches of Oats), I know there’s probably better options out there for me, especially in terms of protein… something that is really lacking in a cereal- based breakfast (since you’re only getting it really from the milk in the bowl).

So if you’re like me and are looking for a better, healthier breakfast while trying to remain healthy, especially for CT health insurance purposes, then take a look at the following tips below:

1. Try a Protein shake

 Easily your best option if time is of the essence in the morning, or if you’re someone who cannot eat immediately upon waking up in the morning because food my make you queasy at that time of the day.  Furthermore, the possibilities of adding different (healthy) ingredients to these shakes are seemingly endless!
2. Better cereal
Like I said earlier, I love Honey Nut Cheerios as much as the next guy, but I’ll admit there’s probably better breakfast options out there.  I you’re stubborn on your cereal though, why not try something like warm quinoa with some milk (such as almond milk) and some fruit.  Quinoa is what we like to call a ‘super food’ for obvious reasons.
3. Go South of the Border!

I LOVE BREAKFAST BURRITOS, AND SO SHOULD YOU! Okay, so if you don’t actually like burritos, that’s fine, but if you make a healthy one with turkey sausage, egg, a whole wheat tortilla and some tomato, you’ll be in for a power-fueled morning!
4. Fast Yolks
The microwave is a beautiful thing sometimes.  Invest in one of those microwave containers that you put an egg or two in, and two minutes later, you have the perfect little breakfast of scrambled eggs!