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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As many of our clients and customers know, we are proud supporters of our local community, whether that means giving back to the community or shopping locally.. If you’re a local resident here in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, then chances are, you’ve heard of J&D’s by now. Our partner here in town is one of the most popular spots to go and grab a bite to eat, no matter what the occasion. J&D’s Pub and Grill has a wide variety of entertainment, and we are excited to tell you all about them!

Yes, J&D’s is a great place to get together with some family and friends if you’re looking for a night out. Their bar is one of the finest here in town, and easy to get to because they are located conveniently in the heart of downtown Stafford. They have a fine selection of drinks, and quite the menu of food to choose from. They have fantastic pizza if you’re looking for take-out too, and not to mention, we hear they have fish tacos that are to die for.

J&D’s also has entertainment available for those of you looking to stop into the bar. They always have the game playing on one of their high definition televisions, and they are located right next to the Palace Theater here in town, in case you’re looking for a bite to eat before a big show. Not looking for a night out? No worries there, because our partner also has a professional catering service. At J&D’s, it’s not just good some of the time, it’s good every time!

Small businesses like J&D’s Pub and Grill make us proud to support our local community, and we are happy that they came to us when they needed help with finding just the right commercial insurance policy. Are you a restaurant owner as well? If you’re looking for help getting the coverage you need with your restaurant insurance, feel free to call any of our licensed insurance professionals today at 860-684-5270.