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A new driver can send a parent’s stress-level soaring. Here are some strategies to control a young driver’s impact on your peace of mind and your auto insurance in CT.

  •         Consider preparing your child with a course in defensive driving as a tool for avoiding accidents and increasing that driver’s confidence.
  •         Require your young driver to understand, sign and comply with the Youthful Operator Driver Safety Agreement.
  •         Be a proper model by using seat belts and never using alcohol or drugs.
  •         Provide your child with a well-maintained vehicle, equipped with air bags and anti-lock brakes. Also, avoid vehicles that are vulnerable to serious damage during collisions or due to “rolling over.”
  •         Control your child’s driving privileges…don’t hesitate to curtail or revoke them in response to poor behavior.
  •         Be certain that he or she can properly pass vehicles, maintain a correct distance, park, merge and exit, change lanes, make turns, obey speed limits and be aware of pedestrians.
  •         Make sure your child understands traffic laws and has a healthy respect for the power of the automobile.

Don’t let your child become licensed until he or she passes YOUR driving test which must include the ability to drive under adverse conditions (dark, fog, rain, ice, snow, rush-hour traffic, etc.). Another good idea is to talk to a CT auto insurance expert  at Paradiso Insurance about other strategies to keep your new driver safer.

Courtesy of Rough Notes