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It’s that time of year again, crunch time! Time to get everything ready and prepared for back to school. Being a teacher, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the school year can begin again. It is your job to have the classroom prepared, a lesson in place, and to make sure your room is safe for the students. You know how important it is to make a great first impression on your class, and you also know the first day can be pretty hectic. Today we have some ideas for you to take the edge off day number one and have your students looking forward to the days ahead!

Give a Welcoming Gift

A welcoming gift is a great way to show your students that they matter! It will also promote a positive attitude which is exactly what you want on the first day. Captivate your classroom with glowing bracelets with a message from you to them. This gift idea is sure to stir up excitement and leave faces smiling.

Ice Breakers (that aren’t embarrassing)

It’s the first day, this means you need to break the ice. Have an activity that will get the students engaged but not put too much pressure on them, causing embarrassment and anxiety. The “this or that” game makes a great first day icebreaker. Choose some light questions such as “would you rather be indoors or outdoors” or “which makes a better pet..a dog or a cat?”. Students then have to choose a position and split off into 2 groups (one for one preference, one for the other). The students then take turns speaking about why they made the decision they did. This game is not only fun but it will help students build confidence talking in front of their peers.

“How Can I Help You?” Board

Instead of spending all morning lecturing your students on what they will be learning in your classroom this year, make an activity out of it! Turn the tables and ask them “What will Mr./Mrs. ______ need to do to help you this year?”. Write this question on a board and hand out sticky notes for the students to write their needs on and post it to your board. Then, when it comes time to talk about what the year will consist of, you can reference the board. Students will be anxiously awaiting you to talk about what they wrote! Be sure to address each students needs and assure them you will be there to help and reach their goals!

These 3 first day of school ideas are sure to have your students going home bragging. First impressions are everything, so make yours great, and have your students looking forward to this school year. Did your classroom love any of these ideas? Let us know!