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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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This week is National EMS Week, and to celebrate we’d like to give thanks to the EMS Personnel who selflessly sacrifice their time and energy to make our community a safer place.

What do EMS personnel do?

EMS, or emergency medical service, personnel are the first responders that help give immediate medical attention to injured and distressed patients. Their primary responsibilities include paramedic and ambulance services, and they often respond to patients whose lives are on the line.

Without EMS personnel, disasters and other crises would be much more horrific, because they provide medical care and transport the instant an emergency happens.

How can you celebrate National EMS Week?

Make the Jobs of EMS Personnel Easier

When you’re in traffic, and you see an emergency vehicle (like an ambulance) with its lights on approaching you, make sure to pull over if you’re in the way.

EMS personnel have an emergency to tend to, and they cannot get there in time if traffic is blocking them. Please give them the room they need when you drive, because it could save a life.

Give Gifts

EMS personnel work around the clock, and may have multiple emergencies to attend to. Items such as portable food containers, water bottles, insulated containers, and even lunch bags can go a long way.

EMS personnel need to eat too, and may not get the chance to sit down due to the long and often sporadic hours they work. Reach out to your local fire department to see how you can give back.

Thank Them

Regardless of where you see an EMS personnel, don’t forget to thank them for their services to the community. They sacrifice a lot to make our communities a safer place.

In fact, our annual Flag Day event wouldn’t run as smoothly without the help of our local EMS personnel. We are grateful for every single EMS personnel who comes to the call of an emergency.

To all of our EMS personnel, we thank you every day and during National EMS Week. Your commitment to saving lives and assisting others, helps to make our community a better place.