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It’s National Fun at Work Day today, and of course, our agency works hard to keep things interesting for everyone here. So, here is how we celebrate fun at work all year round.


Birthdays at Paradiso Insurance are always fun. The person celebrating gets to choose what type of desert they’d like for their birthday- ice cream, cake, pie, cupcakes, or whatever makes them happy. The person who had a birthday prior is responsible to make or buy the dessert for said birthday person. Then around 4PM we hold a special party for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great thing we do all year round and a great way for our staff to remember that they’re appreciated no matter what.

Flag Day

Out of all the holidays we celebrate at Paradiso Insurance, Flag Day is by far the biggest day our agency goes all out for. Why is this? Because our agency loves our country and believes everyone

For Flag Day our marketing team does months of planning and preparation beforehand and everyone makes sure to invite, family, friends, and all of the locals in our community. We have a giant cookout and a ton of food to go around. In fact, we had so much food last year it filled up our back room.

We also have live music and classic cars that line the streets from enthusiasts

Of course, everyone in our agency works together to make everything run smoothly- we all hand out shirts, flags, and flag mounting kits. Additionally, we also collect worn or damaged flags to be properly

Our Flag Day celebration typically runs until late afternoon

Denim for a Cause

Another fun thing we do at Paradiso Insurance is wearing jeans! However, it’s not for casual Friday, like most businesses have, when we wear jeans at the office it’s for a cause.

In fact, whenever any of our staff has the opportunity to wear jeans they have to pay a certain amount for the day, week, or month. All the money is then collected and given to a great charity like Journey Found, an organization that supports adults who have cognitive disabilities.

Additionally, in December our agency holds Denim in December. Denim in December, if you’re not familiar, is something we do every year to benefit a local cause or charity. Our staff gives a donation to something we’re raising money for and they get to wear jeans until the end of December.

This past December our agency raised money for a local family in need during Christmas. The staff has a bit of fun dressing down, and we all feel good knowing we helped a good cause.

So, the next time you stop in and see our staff in jeans, just know it represents a great cause!

Reverse Trick or Treat

While everyone else decorates for Halloween in the month of October, our agency does something a little bit different- we all team together to collect toys from customers and our local community.

So, what exactly is Reverse Trick or Treat? It’s a huge event we do every October to give back to the children at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Unfortunately, many of the kids are not allowed to have chocolate or nuts because it interferes with their treatments. Therefore, we give back by collecting toys from September until October 24th. The past years have been incredible because we’ve collected so many toys. And this past year we practically filled up the whole insurance agency!

Our final collections are then picked up by the staff at the medical center and passed out to all the children. This way they can still enjoy Halloween and won’t be left out.

Of course, while this is more fun for the children receiving the gifts, everyone has fun watching the pile of donations grow.

We have fun all year round at Paradiso Insurance, it makes us more involved in our community and makes us a stronger work family.

Does your workplace do anything to have fun at work? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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