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The best new vehicles of 2012 have been released from on Yahoo! via the ratings experts at Consumer Reports.  These reports reveal the best of the best in every category imaginable, so this could mean good things if you’re looking for a new car this year. Additionally, with the advancement of technology comes the betterment of safety features within the vehicles, as well as lower rates on your CT auto insurance.

Reported from Yahoo! news, Consumer Reports gives us the best of the best from this year’s vehicles in a variety of categories.  In the second part of this two part blog, we’ll look at the other five categories of vehicles that received the best ratings:
  • Sports sedan- Infiniti G $34,225- $37,225

-the perfect blend of luxury and sport, the G series from Infiniti has great handling, lighting acceleration and a great cabin. 

  • Green Car- Toyota Prius $26,750- $28,217

– The Prius still remains at the top of the eco-friendly automobile food chain.  With a 44 mpg tank, it’s still the best of the five-passenger, none plug-in vehicles tested.  Crash test results are also excellent.

  • Small Car- Subaru Impreza $21,345

– This model was completely redesigned for this year, and it’s ride is better than some luxury cars that were tested.  In an all wheel drive car, the 27 mpg is very intriguing for any buyer.  

  • Pickup Truck- Chevrolet Avalanche $47,435

-This truck from Chevy combines utility and versatility perfectly. This is a great truck for any of life’s tasks, from building a new deck, to heading to a weekend soccer tournament.

  • Family SUV- Toyota Highlander $38,578- $47,255

– This is a great choice for any family looking for great road test scores, above-average reliability and decent fuel mileage. The hybrid model receives 27 mpg, the best among all SUVs tested.

So if you’re looking for a new car, truck or SUV this year, give one of these aforementioned rides a test-drive, and when you do select one for your driveway, make sure to stop down to Paradiso Insurance for all of your  CT auto insurance needs.