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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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You may think that American flags are all manufactured right here in the states, but unfortunately, millions of dollars go into importing them every year from other countries, rather than rightfully keeping commerce and production within our nation.

However, not every American flag is manufactured overseas. Here’s how you can obtain your very own American made American flag.

Check the label or item description before you buy.

Whether you shop in store or online, make sure you always check the label or description of the flag you want to purchase.

If it’s made in America, it will proudly say that it is. It also doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research on the credibility of the company or business you’re purchasing the flag or flags from. You’ll need to make sure everything is 100% made and manufactured in America. Often products can be manufactured in America, but utilize components that were imported from other countries.

Be a smart consumer, and be aware of what you’re purchasing when looking for an American made American flag.

Avoid big box stores.

Big box stores are notorious for selling goods manufactured for very cheap labor in other countries, if you plan to purchase your own American made American flag, it’s probably best that you avoid retailers such as Walmart or Target.

Instead, support businesses that manufacture American flags right here in our country. Various independent businesses also put their own spin on the flag, often repurposing or handcrafting materials to create a rustic, wooden version.

Attend our Flag Day Barbecue this year.

If you’re in need of an American made American flag, but aren’t sure where to find one, our insurance agency will happily provide you with one. Simply stop into our insurance agency during our Flag Day Barbecue event or anytime during Flag Week.

We purchase our American made American flags in bulk from a local manufacturer, and proudly support their efforts to keep flags made in our nation. Even the boxes our flags come in are made in America. We want everyone to proudly display their own Old Glory knowing it was created by hard working Americans!