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May is one of the months during which summers are actually enjoyable. The heat isn’t too unbearable and the humidity isn’t exceedingly high. This is the perfect time to make memories. This blissful experience is further elevated if you have an access to a pool. Ahh! The cool water and the tasty drinks that go around while lounging in those state of the art floaties – a pool is synonymous to the summer experience. However, given after all their benefits, pools can also be a source for financial plight and emotional distress. How? Well, in case of an accident.

Our team here at Paradiso insurance urges you to practice maximum caution whenever you go near and inside a pool. Insurance can cover for external damages and costs but that too requires your immediate attention.

Homeowner’s insurance and pool coverage  

You see, your homeowner’s insurance, depending on the policy of your premium will cover your swimming pool too, but that is not applicable in all instances. You’ll need to inform your insurance agent about the pool that you own in order to help cover it in the liability aspect and others in your insurance policy. Typically, if the factor that damaged your pool is already stated in your insurance, you will have no problem covering the pool damages.

Consequently, a primary homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the damages caused by negligence such as freezing of pool water during summer months.

The type of your pool

Different types of pools are covered by different parts of the insurance such as other structures and personal property coverage. For more information on the availability of insurance, you’ll need to contact your insurance provider.

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Homeowner’s liability and pool coverage

In a general homeowner’s insurance, liability coverage is included most times. Thus, it is a common notion to believe that it will cover damages caused to you or your guests in the of a pool; accident. However, that is quite often, not the case. Since pool is an increased liability, you might need to consider extra protection.

Additionally, if you have a pool or are thinking of installing one, it is pivotal that you communicate it to your insurance agency.

The pricing

When it comes to working out how much homeowner’s insurance you’ll need, you will need to look into the replacement costs of the damages. This automatically includes an allowance for other structures like a swimming pool up to 10% of the coverage, typically. Thus, there’s no extra cost to cover damage to your pool. So, don’t worry! When you build a swimming pool, you should just keep in mind whether this limit is sufficient or not. Your insurance provider will help you with this.

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