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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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With the advent of quick paced news and social media it can seem overwhelming to digest all of the negative and often dark stories out there. It can also be increasingly frustrating when you feel like you can’t do much to change the current climate of things.

However, doing just one positive thing can affect a multitude of things in the long run. You may not be able to change the big picture all at once, but you can still impact a person’s well-being, their life, or your community.

Volunteer at your local food shelter.

Millions of Americans struggle with hunger and food insecurity every day, and whatever the situation may be no one should ever have to go hungry. In fact, our town has a local food shelter that helps hundreds of families every weekend.

However, if you’re not local to the area, there are a variety of food pantries across the country. Whether you volunteer your time on the weekend or donate food from your own cupboard, you’re making a difference in the lives of many.

Help a child grow.

Children are our future and with hard work they can blossom into amazing members of society. Sadly, many children grow up in low-income areas and go to underfunded schools. Therefore, it’s important that they grow up with the proper resources and in a safe environment. Whether it be starting a backpack drive for your local school or supporting a child in an after school program, you become a role model to someone who may not otherwise have one.

In fact, our insurance agency makes an effort to give back to children at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center through our reverse trick-or-treat drive.

Assist the seniors in your community.

Whether it be cleaning up their yard in a snowstorm or checking in on them weekly, senior citizens need our support and respect. Many volunteer programs are run through local senior centers and hold activities to keep seniors healthy and informed. So, make sure to check your local town hall for more information about programs or activities you can help with.

There are also many disabled seniors who need help getting to and from stores for medication or food, and it’s why programs such as Meals on Wheels was created. In fact, our town is desperately seeking individuals to deliver meals to these individuals.

Give back to those who served.

Many veterans risked their lives serving our country. Therefore, our insurance agency goes the extra mile to give thanks to our local veterans. From wearing red on Fridays to remember everyone deployed to hosting events that benefit our local veterans and their families – we make sure those who served or are currently serving are never forgotten.

Even better, our partner, Bonnie-Jean’s Kitchen, gives back every Wednesday by providing all veterans a space to meet up, drink coffee, and receive discounted meals.

Consider giving back to your local library.

Whether it be donating your used books or your time, libraries can often be a crucial part of a community. They provide resources to children, young adults, and seniors who may not have access to them, as well as hold programs that enrich families.

Not to mention, in some communities they also provide a safe haven for children and young adults to go to after school.

Many libraries also have a “Friends of the Library” Program, which are annual or monthly donations that help pay for services that a library provides to its patrons.

Join or start a local club.

Our insurance agency is proud to say that our town has a variety of associations and clubs here that drive progress and positive growth in Stafford.

The Stafford Garden Club helps with seasonal decorations around town. They help grow a variety of flowers in our parks and beautify our little town. The members go through a tremendous effort to take care of landscaping and

The Caretakers of Soapstone Mountain is a non-profit that was started by two men to help preserve and care for Soapstone Mountain which is a part of Shenipsit Forest.

Many towns also have a local Lions Club. These clubs have a variety of volunteers who work together to raise money for charities and local projects for their community. In fact, our own local Lions Club generously gives to many community events such as, the Father-Daughter dance and the Moonlight Paddle.

YOU can be the change.

Remember, by taking the time to give back, we can change the world one community at a time. Give your neighbor a hug, help, and most of all be kind; even in a world that seems dim, it all starts with YOU.