• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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3154803622_fe7c32acbf_oI’m sure, if you’re like me, that you wonder about those people who put the premium fuel in their car and end up paying waaaay more for gas than you do (which is saying something, since it’s an easy $50 to fill most tanks with regular unleaded).  Now I know that some of the drivers who are putting in the premium fuel are doing so because the manufacturer has told them to. But for those who are putting in the pricey fuel in a normal, none  sporty or luxurious car, there really isn’t any benefit for your engine and the car’s overall performance.  So don’t think something major will happen if you’ve been putting premium fuel in your tank for a while and then switch back to regular unleaded. The only time a CT auto insurance claim would happen is if you got into an accident because you, or the other driver on the road, is being careless.

The reason why you’re throwing money away is because different octane levels don’t mean that the higher the grade, the better the quality.  All it means is that there is a difference in resistance of fuel to knocking- which, in laymen’s terms means when the fuel begins to burn uncontrollably in the engine. Because of this, the vast majority of engines are made to take in regular fuel, so the higher grade fuel won’t improve performance or increase mileage.

Here’s another thing to think about- the engines that are said to require premium fuel can actually take regular gas without causing problems.  Now there will be a slight drop in performance because of the engine’s computer system sensing the different fuel levels.  But if you’re just driving back and forth to work, school, or the kid’s to practice, there’s no need for that pricey fuel.

Happy driving and have a great weekend!