• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It is extremely important to enforce safety habits and rules if your employees experience a frequent amount of physical labor while on the job.  Together with the safety of your workers, you also want to enforce safety precautions to avoid a rise in the cost of workers compensation. CT employers should know better than to ignore risks.

According to OSHA, falls on the job are the leading cause of death in construction. This is the main reason why OSHA has put together a Fall Prevention Campaign, so your workers can be as safe as possible when out on a construction job.

The first step is proper planning.  This is key when an employee will be working from heights. One must analyze what the job entails, what equipment will be needed and what safety gear should be worn. You never can be too cautious when it comes to safety protocol when dealing with heights. 

The second is provide. As the boss and chief employer, it’s your responsibility to provide your workers with the correct safety gear in order to protect them and give them the safest possible work environment. 

And the final step is proper training.  Make sure that your employees are properly trained before they even step foot on the work site. Without the proper training and experience, a worker may end up injuring themselves, and no one wants that. 

These steps will help you prevent injury from happening at a construction site.  Also by having workers compensation, CT employers can avoid the hassle of a lawsuit if something goes wrong on site. Give Paradiso Insurance a call today to inquire about a policy today.