• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Paradiso Insurance Protect Your Family in Case of a LossMost insurance policies are purchased to cover worldly things or personal possessions.  Life insurance is different, however.  It is there to help out in the loss something far more precious.  For example, a diamond ring can be insured.  If lost or damaged, your insurance policy will find you a replacement ring of the same quality and size.  However, a person’s life can never be replaced.  The loss of a loved one is far more devastating than the loss of a valuable item.  Life insurance is different that way.  When a loved one passes away, monetary issues are meaningless.  Soon, however, the family will notice that bills will still come in, and the lack of extra income can increase financial strain on a family.  Do your family a favor – protect yourself in case of an accident.  For a free quote, call Chris Paradiso at 800.660.2991 or visit our website  for more information.


– The Paradiso Team