• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Any office these days, regardless of size, looks more like a trading floor than anything else.  No we’re not saying that every office in America has people yelling to buy or sell, but we are saying that most offices across the country, and across the globe, are littered with computers and monitors seemingly everywhere you look.  As companies continue to  rely more and more on technology and the Internet to conduct their day-to-day business, the threat of cyber attack becomes increasingly prevalent. 

If your company fails to have an up-to-date data security system and firewall in place, then you’re basically telling anyone with a computer that your business is open for hacking season.  Proper security measures are crucial for protecting your business’s cyber livelihood, as well as necessary for cyber liability insurance. Consider this: the average cost of a data breach is $204 per lost record. Yes,you read that correctly- per lost record not file or system-record.  If your company is hacked and your entire database is breached,your business could lose thousands of dollars and countless amounts of precious and confidential information instantly.  That’s why having a policy like cyber liability  is so important. These are just some cyber threats that your company can face:

• HackerAttack

• Human Error

• Fraud

• Virus Transmission

• Employee Sabotage

• Power Failure

• System Malfunction

So don’t let your company fall victim to cyber hacking.  That is just an awful process to go through, and God only knows how long it would take your business to recover.  So get those firewalls and security systems in place, and then give us at Paradiso Insurance a call today! We’ll help you outwith any issues or questions you may have!