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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Have you heard of Random Acts of Kindness Week? It’s a week that encourages all to perform a random act of kindness by paying it forward to those around them. At Paradiso Insurance, we’re all about making our community and the world a kinder place to live in. We hope you join us during Random Acts of Kindness Week, and pay it forward within your community too from February 18th to the 22nd.

How can you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week?

1. Volunteer at a local shelter

Unfortunately, millions of people in America still face food insecurity or are without a home, and by volunteering at a shelter your act of kindness will go a long way. Shelters need a lot of help this time of year with the cold weather, so be sure to stop in and see how you can help.

2. Clean up litter and debri

If you see litter in a place it shouldn’t be, clean it up! It only takes one action to change the world. By making the environment a cleaner place, you’re making it a kinder and healthier place to live.

3. Donate used goods

Spring will be here in no time, and what better way to give back to those in need by donating what you don’t need or use? Take some time on the weekend with your family to start decluttering your home and sort through what you don’t need. This random act of kindness can help the less fortunate who are in need of clothes.

4. Thank a veteran or military service member

Our country’s heroes don’t get thanked enough for the sacrifices they made while serving. If you see a veteran or service member in uniform, please don’t forget to properly thank them for their service.

5. Pay for a stranger’s meal

Whether you’re dining out or waiting in line at the drive through, surprise someone by paying for their meal. This random act of kindness will make their day and who knows, maybe they’ll return the favor to someone else!

6. Wear your kindness bracelet

Do you have you have your kindness bracelet? If not, stop in to our agency anytime during our normal business hours to pick one up. By wearing your kindness bracelet, you’re taking pledge to pay it forward when you see someone being kind. Simply put, you wear your kindness bracelet and give it to someone else when they’re caught being kind. We want to start a kindness revolution in the community and hope you can join us! We have a variety of kids and adult sized bracelets for the whole family to proudly wear.

7. Spread positivity online

Unfortunately, there can be a lot of negativity online spread online. So, start every day this week by sharing an inspirational quote or positive words for the world to see when they log onto social media. You’ll never know who’s day you’ll change by doing this.

8. Teach someone a new skill

Do you have a skill you’re passionate about? Why not take some time to teach your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family about it.

9. Spend time with senior citizens

Senior citizens are some of the most wise members of our community, but many of them don’t get the companionship or care they deserve. Visit a local hospice or nursing home to see how you can give back to the senior citizens that need it most. Reading a book aloud, providing board games, watching a movie or other social  activities can help them feel young again.

10. Be a role model for local youth

Help inspire our local youth to be kinder by being actively involved in your community. Give back to sports groups or even start a group of your own that motivates children and teenagers to volunteer to a special cause.

The world needs more kindness, so from February 18th to the 22nd please help us make Stafford Springs and the surrounding communities a kinder place to live! Random acts of kindness may seem small, but they can make a huge difference and change the world for the better. You can learn more about our efforts for a kinder community by clicking the button below.

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