• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well unfortunately, Mother Nature has something to say about the glorified cookouts and beach visits typical of a 4th of July holiday, as she’s sending us the first hurricane/ tropical storm of the summer.  Going by the name Arthur, this storm, which uncharacteristically missed Florida almost completely, is currently hitting the Carolinas and is set to come Connecticut’s way early this morning and into tomorrow.

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a good thunderstorm in the summer time, but these big, scary storms are nothing to laugh about, especially on one of the most fun holidays of the year! I guess the grill’s going to stay covered tomorrow, that’s for sure.  So while instead of worrying about how much ice is needed for the cooler, or which type of sunscreen to bring to the beach, here’s what you should be gathering up in your house as the storm prepares to come our way:

Plenty of food and water

Radio with a few sets of batteries

For every member of the family- a flashlight (and more batteries)

ERvacuation plan, and if you’ve alread ydone so, review it with the entire family

Know what your CT homeowners insurance covers, and more importantly, what it doesn’t

If you have prepared properly and have the aforementioned items listed, then you should be alright.  Just remember, certain perils like flooding more than likely will not be covered by your CT homeowners insurance because that falls under flood insurance.  See, that’s why we have been mentioning flood insurance since March, because it takes some time to kick in! We hope you did!

Anyway, happy 4th and don’t float away!