Why Renters Insurance is SO Important For Newly Minted College Grads

  • Post last modified:April 22, 2020
  • Post Category:Insurance

It’s unbelievable to think that the millennial generation are now full-fledged adults, since these young men and women are now ages 23-35.  In fact, I’m a proud member of this generation, so I know quite well the different situations that we face as we transition from college life into the real world.  One of these situations that many of us fail to realize is CT insurance.  Now we obviously know about auto insurance since we’ve been driving for at least seven or eight years.  But the big thing that we don’t realize is something called Renters Insurance.

See, the millenials by and large are renting homes or apartments, so there’s no real requirement for insurance coverage like there is to have a mortgage and purchase a home.  But the thing is, if you rent an apartment or home, regardless of your age, you should have renters insurance.  Why? Well there are a host of reasons!

First of all, let’s look at a startling fact: over half of renters in the millenial generation do NOT have renters insurance– that’s simply staggering!

The thing is, the reason why renters insurance is important is because, while your landlord more than likely has insurance for the physical structure of the building, they don’t cover YOUR belongings inside the apartment or home… and THAT’s where renters insurance kicks in.  Perhaps the best part of renters insurance, aside from the peace of mind it provides for any renter is the fact that it’s pretty cheap- I mean, really cheap.  The average monthly premium is only around $15 for coverage up to $100,000… sounds pretty good, eh?

So if you’re like me and are a proud millenial renter, then do yourself a big favor and look into renters insurance– it’ll be the easiest thing you do all day!