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Congratulations to the class of 2013! Classes are finally coming to an end, exams are wrapping up and caps are being thrown all over Connecticut. It’s time to say goodbye to 8am college classes and hello to the real world. However, the work for college students and graduates is not over just yet! Now that graduates will be leaving campus, they have an important decision to make: To move back home or to rent a place – that is the question.

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If you are deciding to rent your own home or apartment this year, you have turned to the right blog. Our agents at Paradiso Insurance are here with some GREAT renters news – WE HAVE LOW PREMIUMS JUST FOR YOU, GRADS!

That’s right, we are talking about renters insurance. It is important that you do not make the rookie renters mistake in thinking that your landlord will have you covered. Yes, your landlord WILL have insurance in place FOR THEMSELVES and THEIR PROPERTY. How about your property and personal possessions? Renters insurance is designed to cover just that, as well as your liability. If a friend or guest is injured on your property, renters insurance is there to help you pick up the tab (since you may be held liable.)
Many first-time renters will wonder if this policy is worth it. Our agency would like you to consider a few things:

•    Do you own a laptop?
•    Do you own a television set?
•    Do you have friends and family over regularly?
•    Do you have a couple hundred or even thousand to spare if the unexpected comes knocking?

For a low monthly premium, renters will not have to worry about unexpected losses and incidents. So yes, we strongly believe that renters insurance is WORTH IT in the long run.

To learn more or ask questions about this policy, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss!