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Halloween is right around the corner! For you and your family, that probably means costumes, trick or treating, and sugar rushes. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. At Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, the children don’t have the opportunity to partake in the traditional Halloween fun. For example, many of them are on cancer treatment medications that forbid the consumption of or exposure to nuts. Since so many candies contain nuts, it’s not a great idea to give these young patients candy. For kids, feeling left out of one of their favorite holidays can be discouraging. That’s where Reverse Trick or Treat comes in!

What is it?

Reverse Trick or Treat is a campaign that delivers goodie bags filled with donated toys and gifts to the children at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center every Halloween. Although it’s a little unorthodox, we believe toys do a great job at keeping the fun Halloween spirit alive! While candy can be enjoyed on Halloween, these gifts will bring a smile to a young patient every day. Not only are these toys fun, but they also represent the support of a community. We’ve been participating in Reverse Trick or Treat since 2010 and truly believe in the difference it makes.


How can you get involved?

The toys we bring to the hospital are collected through donations! Stop in our office on 8 East Main Street Stafford, CT between between September 1st and October 24th with your gift and we’ll make sure it gets to the children’s medical center. If you’re far away but would still like to give, our agency is also collecting PayPal donations. Just send them to Of course, 100% of the proceeds will go to the children at the medical center. Businesses can get involved too! Just leave a Reverse Trick or Treat donation box at your business and get the word out. Please let us know if you’re planning on participating as a business so we know to stop by and collect your gift box. We appreciate your generosity.

What can you donate?

When we say toys we mean a lot of different things! Of course, there are countless types of toys and toy sets to choose from. However, if you need some ideas about what to give, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Fun & Games

Every kid loves fun and games! They’re not only great to play with alone, but also a good way to engage family members and visitors with the children. Things like costumes, board games, and card games for younger children are just a few ideas. Match box cars are also a huge hit at the hospital every year.

  1. Craft Supplies

Children love to let their creativity flow and make art work. It’s something they can call their own and proudly display. It’s also extremely therapeutic to let thoughts out on paper. If you’d like to help a young patient express themselves, try donating art supplies like markers, crayons, colored pencils, sticker, non-toxic paint, coloring books, or a craft kits!

  1. A Friend

Almost every kids loves having a stuffed animal or doll to cuddle up with. They’re great companions for children and often become something special that they cherish and take care of. If you had a teddy bear or blanket as a child that went with you everywhere, you know the feeling. Give a the gift of a special friend by donating a stuffed animal. Just keep in mind that all stuffed toys must be brand new (as in recently purchased, not just sitting on a shelf) with tags. They also must have their eyes, nose, mouth, and accessories securely sewn on and be filled with poly-filler rather than saw dust, beans, or foam balls.

  1. Projects

All kids get restless and bored easily. Imagine how much more often this must happen while sitting in a hospital bed. When they’re feeling up to it, these kids could really use something fun to immerse themselves in. Projects are perfect for that! Try donating a puzzle, jewelry kit, or lego kit that will keep them occupied and entertained. These types of toys also sneak in a bit of learning!

Whatever you donate, just remember: no candy! We look forward to seeing you and giving your meaningful donations to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Although Halloween may not seem like a big deal for you, it really is to all those kids. We’re so glad that Reverse Trick or Treat allows us as well as our community to lift the spirits of the hospital’s young patients.