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Imagine this… it’s Halloween night. The kids are all dressed up as their favorite characters, ready to explore the neighborhood in search of goodies (safely of course). From door to door, they yell out, “Trick or treat!” and of course, collect their ultimate prize… the candy!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for children everywhere. In fact, some of the youth this season will be in the hospital due to illness. While children are staying at the hospital, they are not allowed any candy of any sort, because certain nuts or chocolate can interfere with serious medical treatment such as chemotherapy. You can quickly see how this could potentially ruin a child’s favorite holiday very easily.

That’s where we come in! Reverse Trick-or-Treat allows us an opportunity to bring Halloween to the kids at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

What exactly is Reverse Trick or Treat?

Every year, our agency collects toy donations within the community from September to October as a way to give back to the children at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. We are asking for our community’s help for donations for the kids! Our agency will be a drop off point for donations, located at 8 E. Main St. here in Stafford Springs, and we will be collection donations until October 24th.


What can I donate?

You can donate anything that will make a child smile and keep them occupied during their medical treatments. Coloring books, puzzles, Matchbox cars, stickers, dolls, and play sets are all great options to give. We do not recommend donating plushies or stuffed animals because they contain fibers that can trigger allergies in certain patients.

Children of all ages are at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, so be sure to purchase toys suitable for different ages!

Additionally, candies, chocolates, and other edible goods are strictly not allowed. Exposure to certain types of candies can actually interfere with necessary medication, and is a huge reason why we push to collect toys instead.

Our agency needs all the help we can get! We only have until October 24th to collect, so stop by with your donations today!



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