• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Dirt bikes and ATVs are an awesome way to get your blood pumping.  The thrill of living on the edge, the whiplash-inducing speed, the excitement of dodging the trees and rocks that block your path. 

If you own an off-road vehicle, chances are that you enjoy living on the edge.  However, insurance is something you should absolutely consider.  Whether you are tearing through the woods on an ATV or hitting the sand pits with your bike, your off-road vehicle needs to be protected.  Here at Paradiso Insurance, we have experience covering tons of riders in the New England area.  Our goal is to find the best coverage for you while keeping your premiums low.

       Parts wear over time; clutches don’t last forever (especially with the abuse most off-road vehicles endure).  What if you off-road vehicle has parts stripped off of it?  What if the entire machine is stolen?  With a policy from Paradiso Insurance, you are covered.  To find out more or to request a free quote, visit our website or call our office at 800.660.2991.  We are waiting to hear from you!

 – The Paradiso Team