• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Yesterday we started talking about some of the things or events that can take a serious toll on the health and wellness of your vehicle.  It doesn’t matter whether you drive a small sports car, a massive truck, or the family van, if you forgo routine maintanence checks or hit potholes, your vehicle WILL suffer- that much is clear.  But furthermore, think about the possible CT auto insurance implications that can be assoicated with this as well.  No matter which way you slice it, not caring for your car is just plain wrong!

So to continue the conversation, we have four more ills that can severly hinder the performance and overall health of your vehicle that very well could lead to steep repair (or full on replacement) costs.

Ignoring your failing transmission

You don’t have to be a gear head to understand when your transmission isn’t working right.  If you feel the car ‘dropping’ into gear, such as from reverse to drive, or a slipping feeling when your car is shifting gears, then you may want to get the transmission checked.  Transmissions are what connect your engine to the rest of your vehicle, so these babies are pretty darn important.  Furthermore, they are REALLY expensive to fix/ replace.  We’re talking in the thousands, easy.

Dumping the clutch

Now this one is for those of us who drive a manual transmission vehicle (props to you, it’s a dying art!).  If you want to show off and squeal those tires, many people simply rev the engine high in neutral and then simply slip their foot off the clutch which quickly engages the drivetrain and spins those tires like a NASCAR driver.  But if you do this, know that you’re causing serious strain and damage to not only your clutch and transmission, but also the drivetrain as well.  The sudden burst of power can cause many parts to torque, bend, or down right snap.  And a word to the wise… you don’t want anything to snap.

Rocking in bad weather

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done this more than once when I’ve been stuck on a patch of ice/snow.  Rocking the car back and forth to get momentum works to get your vehicle out of a sticky situation, but like the other scenarios listed today and yesterday, it’s not good AT ALL for your car’s transmission or drivetrain.  So what can you do then to get out of the snow/ice/mud? Simple- call a tow truck.

Kissing the curb

Again, we have all done it once or twice (or several times) but I don’t think very many of us realize the ramifications of doing so to your vehicle.  Now, driving slowly over a curb to park is probably fine, but when you go over them with no regard, then that’s when damage can be done. You can easily through your vehicle off alignment, but more importantly, what if you’re going too fast in the wintertime and slide into a curb? I think you get the picture- Four words: CT auto insurance claim!