• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Springs brings with it warm weather and a new beginning for nature to arise from its winter slumber and flourish for all of us to enjoy.  The Earth is naturally rehydrating itself with all of the rain that we receive from this season.  So in keeping with the theme of Spring and showers, what do we need to keep dry from the rain? An umbrella!

An umbrella allows us to walk outside even when Mother Nature has decided to grace ourselves with endless supplies of rain from the sky.  The same can be said about umbrella insurance coverage with CT insurance. This unique type of  policy is called umbrella insurance because it literally acts like a second type of protection, just like a real umbrella.  If there comes a time were your home or auto policy is exhausted because of a severe incident, and there’s still more to be paid in damages or other expenses, it is here where an umbrella would kick in.

Umbrellas save you when your other standard policies no longer can.  For example, say you cause a massive five car accident on the highway, and your auto policy is only for $500,000. But if you have an umbrella insurance policy for $1,000,000, then in reality your liability coverage is $1,500,000.  So with an umbrella, you can save yourself the headache and financial struggle of repaying damages from an accident that without an umbrella, you would have to have paid out of pocket.  So don’t wait another day and invest in a CT Insurance policy today with Paradiso Insurance today.