• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Ever want to own an RV and take it out on the road for a great road trip in the summer? Well what are you waiting for?! Get the family ready, pack your bags, and head out onto the open road! Just one problem, you need a motor home! Once you invest a good RV, there’s only one more thing you need before you start out on your journey across the great United States- CT insurance to back your new home on wheels!

If you’re a first time RV owner, there’s some things that you should be aware of as you cross the different state borders on your journey across the homeland.  

First of all, what exactly is RV insurance entail?

An RV is unique in that it is both a home and a car all at the same time, so the coverage for this type of investment is very special.  One one hand you need collision and the other standards of an auto policy, but at the same time you need coverage for your things inside the RV, just like you would your home. 

Do I Really Need Coverage?

With an motor home, your standard auto policy isn’t going to cut it.  This type of coverage picks up where auto insurance left off. For example, if someone falls and get hurt in your RV, your auto policy won’t cover any medical or legal expenses, but RV insurance will!

Casual Driver or Serious Enthusiast?

The level of RV insurance you need depends on how often you drive your RV:

  • Casual Drivers who use their RV seasonally can save money by suspending collision and liability coverage when the RV is not in use.
  • Those enthusiasts who live in their RV or claim it as a primary residence will need full-time coverage, which includes protection against injuries in and around the RV, personal liability coverage, personal items coverage and more- very similar to a home policy.

So now that you have the 411 on CT insurance for motor homes, you are now finally ready for your summer adventure! Don’t waste another second, hit the open road and don’t look back! But remember to wave to us at Paradiso Insurance on 8 East Main!