• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As many of us are aware, the Affordable Care Act, known commonly as ‘Obama-care’, is quickly taking affect across America.  Whether people agree with this or not, it is becoming a reality with haste, and everyone with CT insurance health coverage should be aware of the changes ahead.

While the Act is significant in length and no one has an reasonably time to absorb it all in great detail, we’ve decided to spell out for you the big changes that are going to be taking affect, and how they may or will change your CT insurance coverage.  

1) If I already have health coverage through my employer, what changes will happen to me?

Most employers have chosen to continue with the coverages they already provide, so more then likely you should feel no affect from this.  The department of health and human services is still attempting to define the minimum requirements for benefit levels that must be followed by employers.  

2) If I’m healthier and live a better lifestyle, will I receive more incentives from my employer?

According to the Act, employers can now have the option of adjusting coverages for employees who take part in wellness programs and other things that promote healthy living.  Watch out though, because this could also be double sided, meaning that if you aren’t living healthy or showing signs of wellness participation within your office, you may incur a penalty of some kind.

3) What about preventative care? Will my coverage pay for this?

When the calendar flips to 2014, preventative services like breast cancer screening and other preventative measures will become available to people, without paying out-of-pocket. Furthermore, those with preexisting conditions can’t be denied.

Come back to us tomorrow when we discuss questions 4-6 about the changes from the Affordable Care Act, but if you can’t wait any longer, give Paradiso Insurance a call! They are the experts when it comes to CT insurance!