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Stafford Springs is town full of excitement, commotion, and community. It is made up of dedicated townspeople who love to better their community. The past tells a lot about how Stafford Springs came to be and the work that was put into it. Although there are fewer than 12,000 residents, the town still manages to prosper everyday.

Being the third largest regional town in Connecticut with 58 square miles, Stafford Springs is made up of many State Forests, farmlands, and bodies of water. Before its civilization, Stafford Springs was considered a gold mine because of its resourceful springs. Almost 300 years ago Native Americans became so fixated on the water that development was soon cultivating. Stafford Springs was then established in 1719 and became part of Tolland County. In the late 1800’s Stafford was recognized and acknowledged for their high quality woven cloth. Warren Corp was known to have made some of the most notable textiles in the world. Stafford Springs is made up of many unique establishments and its history still rules on today.

As Stafford Springs continues to advance, so do their social events. There are many teams, corporations, and shows to get involved with throughout the summer time. Townspeople are invited to join The Stafford Arts Commission in a summer music concert held at Hyde Park. Or if you or the kids are interested in playing sports  there is a summer Little League, youth softball, and even adult softball. Not only is there baseball and softball, but there are also basketball, football, soccer, and hockey programs open for registration. One of the most well known program that takes place in Stafford Springs is REC. It is held at the Staffordville School District and gives the kids something to do during the day. The town also possesses several fields, tennis courts, and parks that are open to the public. Diving into Stafford Springs’ activities makes it even more enjoyable to be a part of the community.

The main attraction of Stafford Springs by far is the Stafford Motor Speedway: home of the modifieds. It appeals to thousands of people every year and is the place to be every Friday night. There are plenty of different racecars such as legends, limited late models, late models, darestocks, SK modifieds, and SK lights that appear every week on the track. There is also a wide variety of foods and drinks to snack on while enjoying the races.

Stafford has a few popular campgrounds that are visited mainly during the summer. Sun Valley (found on Old Springfield Road) is not only a year round campground, but a beach. The lake is surrounded by sand and forest and is a great place to sit back and relax. Kids have the choice to play on the newly built playscape, dig around in the sand, or go for a swim. The lake includes four diving boards, a high dive, a ginormous slide, and a few docks. Lounging around at Sun Valley is not a problem because the lifeguards are on duty throughout the day. Another campground where RV’s can sojourn is the Mineral Springs Family Campground. There you can find a pool, playground, a basketball court, and more! These campgrounds are available to any resident who purchases a membership. The last campground located in Stafford is the Roaring Brook Co-Op Campground. It consist of a swimming pool and lake, social games, and evening parties and bonfires for the whole family! There is never a dull moment when visiting. Stafford Springs possesses a number of campgrounds that anyone can enjoy.

This town is nothing but an array of social happenings. There are a countless number of activities to get involved with and places to visit. From hundreds of years ago to today Stafford Springs, CT continues to attract major crowds by hosting events all summer long. Don’t miss out on the excitement of visiting Stafford Springs and it’s amazing enterprise.