• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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With a massive blizzard on the horizon for this week, we hope you’re doing everything you can to prepare. Whether it’s stocking up on groceries, buying extra batteries or getting the shovels and snow blower ready, the list of what to accomplish seems endless. But have you thought about what you will do if you lose power? Losing power in the winter is a lot different than losing it in the summer or spring. No power = no heat, so your home may be get colder than you’d ever imagine. If this does happen, here is what you should know losing power in the winter: 

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Unless there is an emergency, do not call 9-1-1. You should only call this number if there is a sudden emergency. Losing power does not fall under that category. 
If you have a battery powered radio handy, listen to local news updates regarding the power in your community. 
Dress in layers: If your home does lose power, it’s going to get pretty cold. Make sure you are dressing in layers. Long sleeves, fleece jackets, then heavier jackets with hats and mittens and thermal socks are what you should be thinking about. 
Keep the fireplace/stove running: If you have a fire place or gas stove, keep them running. They will help circulate heat and you can sit near them with your family. Be careful, though, when it comes to keeping your gas stove on. If you’re going to do this, make sure you’re in kitchen at all times and turn it off if you leave. 
Inquire with neighbors: Does someone in your neighborhood have a generator? If so, politely see if you and your family can stay there for a little while to keep warm. Trust us, being cooped up in a 50 degree house is no picnic and can actually pose as a legitimate health hazard. 

At Paradiso Insurance Agency, we don’t claim to be experts about winter safety, but we just want to offer some of the knowledge we’ve accumulated and pass it on down to Connecticut residents. For more information on this, feel free to call us today.