• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s that time of the year once more, when the days have become longer, the snow has melted, and the flowers are attempting to blossom once again.  But when the calendar turns to spring, another thing that many of us participate in is cleaning up the house.  Now whether you enjoy this annual chore or not, it nevertheless is pretty darn important for the overall shape of your home.  Moreover though, if you are someone who does a complete cleaning overhaul with closets, garages and other storage areas, then you also have to  make sure that you’re doing this in a safe manner and not find yourself facing at CT homeowners insurance issue.

The obvious hazards involved in spring cleaning are the chemicals incorporated in the many cleaning sprays and washes, so make sure to wear the proper gloves and face mask if you’re using the heavy duty stuff.  Furthermore, ensure that your ladder is in good working order if you’re using it to clean gutters or reach the attic with a box of junk.  But what you may not think about are recalled items from the previous year that you haven’t gotten rid of.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, numerous household products and items like appliances, power tools and furniture.  These potential hazards annually lead to numerous injuries and trips to the hospital, so in order to avoid these issues all together, listen to any recall announcements and heed the warning if they apply to you!

The reason we are talking about this while discussing spring cleaning is because it’s the perfect time to check and see if you have any recalled items around your house that could lead to an injury or other type of CT homeowners insurance claim.