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Okay, so the title may leave you scratching your head, but trust us, there’s a connection.  Now we’re not referring to a cooking mishap that could lead to a fire and a CT homeowners insurance claim.  What we are referring to is the threat of food poisoning for one of your dinner guests, and how your home’s liability coverage plays a role.

This story rings true especially after last week’s festivities of food and drink around the Thanksgiving holiday.  Say you have a large gathering of friends and family, but unfortunately that turkey you bought was bad, and a couple of your guests came down with food poisoning from it.  What you as a homeowner and host need to know is that you’re liable for this mishap, especially for the medical costs associated with it if a trip to the emergency room was a result.  

Think of it as allowing a friend or family member to drive home from your house after a night of drinking.  You, the host and probably the drink provider, are liable for any damages if your friend or family member gets into an accident.  So what can you do to avoid a claim like this on your ct homeowners insurance? Well, obviously practicing safe food habits is a good start.  But also make sure that every bit of utensil used in the cooking and dinning process is sanitary and well washed prior to use.  

On average, your liability covers you for about $100,000 of cost so you should be fine if a lawsuit were to occur (I hope not though since it’s probably a friend or family member!), but nevertheless, you should always make sure your food and its preparation is A.O.K.  You certainly don’t want your CT homeowners insurance to increase because of a food poisoning mishap, that’s for sure!