• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Whenever we talk about workers comp insurance and the claim process, we tend to focus on injuries that occur while working in the office or at the job site.  But what we haven’t touched on recently, and what you should be aware of, is that a workers comp claim can occur outside of the office or away from the job site.

Like we said, the classic example of CT workers comp is an employee throwing their back out while moving a pallet of printer paper into the back storage room of the office, or a worker falling off a ladder at the job site.  But what you may not realize is that a workers comp claim can occur offsite if an employee is traveling for work.  For example, say an employee is driving from a warehouse back to the office and gets into a car accident, the CT workers comp coverage of the business will cover the expenses of the damage and medical bills, as long as there aren’t any extenuating circumstances (i.e. like if the employee is under the influence). 

In fact, this very event happened to a family friend.  Our friend was driving from a corporate event in the late morning back to the office when she was struck by a vehicle that veered into the other lane.  Our friend suffered some pretty serious injuries, but non life-threatening thank goodness.  One silver lining in her situation though is that all damages and medical expenses are taken care of under her company’s workers comp coverage.

So while it’s a long road to recovery for our friend, at least the additional burden of cost is not a factor.  That’s what stellar CT workers comp coverage can do for your employees.  It can be such a blessing for both the employer and the employee, so make sure your employees and your business are taken care of today and everyday.