• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Insurance

You never know when an accident can happen on the road.  At a moments notice, that car you’re following could slam on its brakes, and you could easily find yourself slammed into that car. No matter how cautious you may drive, there’s just some instances that you just can’t avoid.  Hopefully if it truly is an ‘accident,’ it’s not your fault. Otherwise, you could see a hike in your CT auto insurance.

Perfect example: Heading out for work during rush hour traffic.  You’re not in a hurry but like to get to work a few minutes early.  You find yourself going at a safe rate of speed but keeping enough space between you and the car in front of you is difficult due to the high volume of cars on the road, all of whom are probably heading to work like you.

You’re also probably on auto-pilot at this point.  You know the route to work, as you’ve done it many times before and feel as though you can do it blind.  But all of a sudden, traffic comes to a sudden halt, and there’s no where for you to go without hitting the car in front of you.  Hopefully it’s just a minor fender-bender and you won’t have to claim it on your CT auto insurance, but anything worse, and furthermore if it’s your fault for the accident (which hopefully it isn’t), then those premiums are more than likely going to go up.

So this is just a quick reminder to also have your wits about you and be prepared, because you never know what can happen on your normal trip to work one morning.