Well it looks like spring has FINALLY arrived, and in fact, summer looks to be right around the corner! But hey, it’s May, I think we are due for a long stretch of nice, warm, summer weather after that awful winter we just experienced. As the trees finally pop and the grass begins to grow like crazy, there is one type of business that kicks into full gear during this time of year- Landscapers!

Now, “landscaper” is a broad description, as some landscapers only mow lawns, while others do mulching, tree trimming, and even some light construction like installing pavers for patios or walkways. But no matter what you decide to do in your business, if you consider yourself a landscaper, than I hope you listen up, especially if you own one of the following types of businesses:

-Tree trimmers
-Landscape architects
-Landscape designers
-Lawn irrigation contractors
While landscaping can require a host of skills and equipment, there is one special something that you Connecticut landscapers cannot forget- that’s insurance! Now I don’t want to get into anything too negative, but with the equipment that landscapers use, there is always a risk of personal injury. Your Connecticut landscaper’s insurance policy will cover the following: :
General liability issues
Commercial liability issues
Vehicle and equipment malfunction or damage

Furthermore, for those larger landscapers who have heavy duty equipment, landscapers insurance can also cover business assets, like pickup trucks, mixers, dump trucks, vans, trailers, and even some commercial grade mowers. Just think about all of that large equipment for a second- you know better than anyone else how expensive this stuff is! Without the proper landscaper’s insurance, you could find yourself in serious financial peril if an accident were to occur.
Think about this scenario for a brief moment: Your crew is working diligently at three different homes one beautiful summer morning. Your dump truck is at one home, where unfortunately the driver doesn’t notice the homeowner’s light pole at the end of the driveway as he backed up the truck to dump some mulch in the yard. Now, while the truck is fine (let’s face it, those trucks would need A LOT to damage it), the light pole is completely destroyed, along with the electrical wiring going into it.
Obviously this is the driver’s fault, and then subsequently your fault, as the company owner.he homeowner should expect your company to reimburse them for the damage. This isn’t a problem for you though, as you have landscaping insurance and this type of incident is covered. But imagine if you didn’t have this policy… that reimbursement would more than likely come out of your bottom line.

Enough said.