• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s a touchy subject sometimes when discussing CT life insurance, because you’re actually talking about your death (it’s weird, I know), but as with most things, there’s a distinct silver lining.  It’s rather reassuring to know that by having the right ct life insurance, your family will be alright financially in the event of your passing.

But so often, customers often wonder how much life insurance they need, and then furthermore, what type of ct life insurance because there are a few to chose from.  To begin, there are two distinct questions that you need to ask:

1) How much financial support will my family need in order to cover final costs like funeral expenses, debts, or outstanding medical bills?

2) Once you figure that out, you should then calculate how much financial support your family will need to maintain their current standard of living since your income (in whatever form that may be) will no longer be present.

These two questions are key to the whole process and need to be addressed before anything else is taken care of.  So how then do you figure these questions out? Well, there’s a little thing called a Capital Needs Analysis. You’ll need to have your family’s finance information in front of you, and once that’s done, you can pretty easily figure out the coverage amount you’ll need from your ct life insurance to cover the gap between current expenses (car payments, mortgage, tuition, etc.) and your lack of income.

With that all in mind however, there is no better way to figure this all out then with the help and guidance of a trusted independent insurance agent such as one at Paradiso Insurance.  We are always here to help you!