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babyFamilies should be thinking about the safety of babies in the home all year round.  With September being national Baby Safety Month however, we’d like to share some tips with you! Use these tips to celebrate baby safety month and keep your home baby friendly.

Keep Change and Other Small Items off The Ground

Adults often ignore small things like a few coins, a paperclip or a thumbtack that falls to the ground. You need to be vigilant about where these items are with a baby in the home. You must keep any item small enough for the baby to choke on out of reach. Keep those items on high tables, in sealed containers or in rooms where the baby cannot go.

Lock Cabinets and Block Outlets

A baby could manage to open and get into a low cabinet under a sink or countertop. You want to lock those cabinets so that it is impossible for the baby to open them. This will stop your baby from getting into cleaning fluids or being injured on a sharp tool. Additionally, install outlet covers so that your baby cannot be electrocuted while exploring the walls.

Secure Cables and Cords Flat

Most homes today are filled with electrical cables, surge protectors and other cords from items like speakers. Any loose cable is potentially a choking hazard since it could wrap around the neck of a baby unexpectedly. You want to get hollow strips or brackets and secure all of your cables flat against the walls or ground.

Keep Your Floors Repaired

One last tip for celebrating Baby Safety Month is to keep your floors repaired. A hardwood, carpeted or tiled floor that is in disrepair is a hazard for your baby. The child could trip and fall leading to a head injury. Sharp pieces of flooring or loose nails could cause serious cuts. Always keep your floors repaired.